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Re: Java on debian/alpha

dowdingg@math.uaa.alaska.edu said:

> After tweaking the .java_wrapper script to be debian compliant, I have
> run into a more serious issue.  It looks like the thread library is
> expecting a mach kernel.

That's correct, and there's nothing we can do about it.

> Any help/advice would be appreciated.  I have been using jikes and
> kaffe, but they do not have support for swing.  I have also been
> trying to get swing (from sun) to work with those two packages.  jikes
> seems to compile with some warnings.  However kaffe cannot seem to
> find/use the classes.

I managed to get swing to work with kaffe on about 75% of the examples. I
vaguely recall that I couldn't get it to find the classes either, I then
worked around it by unzipping them and pointing kaffe at the unzipped
swingall.jar tree.

Later I got it to work with the .jar directly, if I remember how I'll post
it to this list. Also, if you find that Swing apps on Kaffe crash with
Stack Overflow exceptions, change the minimum stack size to something like
4MB. (It's a command line option, I can't remember which one and Java is no
longer on box, thank God :-))

I also tried to get Swing to run with Uncle George's JDK 1.2 from
alphalinux.org, but I would always get blank white windows, which struck me
as strange.


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