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Re: diald?

On Fri, Oct 22, 1999 at 12:28:21AM -0400, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Doug Larrick wrote:
> > Hi, first, an introduction.  I'm Doug Larrick, a Compaq employee from 
> > the Alpha development group's CAD department (but playing with Debian 
> > on Alpha at home).
> Glad to see that we managed to lure at least one employee from "the big Q"
> over to debian :-)  I've been trying to get the compiler team over there
> to install Debian on an Alpha, but haven't had much success yet. (I'm the
> one providing the debs for the compiler betas).

Ok... I've ported diald some days ago but forgot to upload it obviously...
It's in incoming now. So if you need it,  you can get it.



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