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Hi, first, an introduction. I'm Doug Larrick, a Compaq employee from the Alpha development group's CAD department (but playing with Debian on Alpha at home).

I've gotten my LX164 running Debian 2.1 (plus kernel 2.2.12 & the updates it needs) fairly well, but am having lots of trouble with diald.

The docs on how to run kernel 2.2.x (off the slink main page) say I need to update it from what's in stable, but the .deb in the binary-alpha area is a symlink to slink. It (not suprisingly) does not work, failing with a segfault (which is not the failure mentioned on the 2.2 kernel page).

So I downloaded the source package for diald 0.98.2 and built it (with a little trouble: __u8, __u16, and __u32 are undefined), only to have the exact same problem.

So: Does anyone have diald working on an Alpha with kernel 2.2.12? Do we know why Alpha is stuck with an old version? Any sage advice?

Doug Larrick  doug@ties.org  doug.larrick@compaq.com  AIM: DougLarick

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