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Re: ESS1888 config

a.bottemanne@nl.ibm.com writes:

> Hi,
> Alomost reday with my Alpha, thanks to the help of several people.
> Last issue: my ESS1888 sound card (on-board !)
> Tried to build a new kernel with sound support, with the obviuos
> settings: 220, 330 irq 5 dma 1,5   and -1, but that does not work.
> I get error message during kernel compilation. Does anybody have
> a PWS with an ESS1888 onboard ?  If yes: which kernel setting do
> you use to get sound ?

If don´t have such a board, but maybe several people could help if you 
post the error messages. The first 10-20 errors should be enough to
see a cause.

May the Source be with you.

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