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On Documentation

Having installed a bunch of packages yesterday, I have the feeling that our main concern 
should be about Documentation. (which means, that dependency problems and the like can easily
be fixed during the freeze, that is the freeze is actually the right time to do that)

Packages which won´t be ready until then just won´t be ready. I think most people are able to install
the one or other package over the net. (If they are able to find them :)

The Debian  Alpha Port Page needs a maintainer. This should be a structured merge of existing archives.
And links to useful information (All together in one place .. 

There should be a more constructive approach for bug reports 
(Does anyone remember our bug report page at 

We should collect installation instructions for different platforms and test the installation

A "How to install" document shoud be written.

I know, these requests and more are already on the Alpha Port Page, but still I want to remind
some potential documenters, who eventually haven´t looked at the page.

Do we already have someone who runs  Lars´s dbuild engine ? (There was a publicly unanswered 
request from Lars a few weeks ago) 

(I´d really like to do that myself, but .... )


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