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Re: On Documentation

> Do we already have someone who runs  Lars´s dbuild engine ? (There was a publicly unanswered 
> request from Lars a few weeks ago) 

I replied to Lars private email address, but didn't receive a reply (I
didn't post to the mailing list as he stated he wouldn't be reading
it). As I stated then, I'm willing to give it a try. Time on-line is
not a problem, only bandwith (I have a permanent connection). The only
problem I would have with this is the installing of packages. However,
if they are avaialable, perhaps others could help with this.

If someone has Lars' email address, I'll try contacting him again.

Note: My email address has changed since I wrote to Lars, but I still
fetch the mail from my old email address.

Thomas Behrndt

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