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Re: On Documentation

On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:

> The Debian  Alpha Port Page needs a maintainer. This should be a structured merge of existing archives.
> And links to useful information (All together in one place .. 

I'd be happy to take care of the page since it was mine to begin with :-)
(have the CVS stuff here and have been updating it when I can).  Tell me
what you all want up there and I'll change it asap.

> There should be a more constructive approach for bug reports 
> (Does anyone remember our bug report page at 
>         http://genie.ucd.ie/alpha/debian.html

I was thinking of this during my downtime.  I didn't come up with anything
good, though.  Any suggestions?  I do have the Alpha bug tracking stuff
here, so I could start it up here if needed.

> Do we already have someone who runs  Lars´s dbuild engine ? (There was a publicly unanswered 
> request from Lars a few weeks ago) 

I missed this one. I would love to learn and install it on alpha.debian.nl
(where it would do the most good obviously).


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