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Re: installing debian/alpha

On 6 May 1997, Ian Willmott wrote:


> I have recently purchased two AXPpci33 (21066-166MHz) boards and would like

$99/$129 - dirt cheap i assume :) I have one of those too

> 2 - some kind of memory problem. When there are SIMMs in one pair of sockets,
>     the boot ROM doesn't get past the memory size test (as indicated by the
>     diagnostic LEDs). If all four sockets are filled, it works properly.
>     I suspect that one of the SIMMs is defective. Has anyone seen anything
>     like this?

Must be bad SIMM as mine is booting just fine with only two installed.
As Michael mentioned, some systems might use 128-bit wide memory bus or
just have fixed 'two way interleave' for memory access, but my 
AXPpci33 'noname' at least doesn't need SIMM in both banks.

> 3 - milo doesn't seem to initialize the video card properly.
>     Does anyone have any experience using an ATI 3D Xpression+ with linux?
>     The linux/alpha FAQ says that the DEC x86 emulator in milo should be
>     able to initialize any VGA card.

I don't know about the initialization itself, but for me at least
the ViRGE (Diamond stealth 3D/2000/4MB) Xserver didn't work for it.
Generic Trio64V+ is working for both, console and X, but i ain't got
X anymore as i run pretty much messy Debian (installed from RedHat) now.
Both were working just OK as dummy terminal tho.

> but I didn't get much response to them on comp.sys.dec, and I couldn't

I remeber something about seeing your messages over there too ...

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