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Re: installing debian/alpha

"Ian Willmott" <willmott@nortel.ca> writes:
> 1 - no boot disks.

Bdale Garbee is working on this---although I am in the unfortunate
position of owing him a kernel package, but I'm instead rebuilding X,
what a life---but right now he's (no kidding) in the midst of putting
together a sattelite payload, so he's short of time.  I think he's
supposed to be done soon, and can then hopefully make some progress.

There is a document on how to work from the RedHat boot disks and get
yourself bootstrapped into Debian, but it's old, and the system has
changed significantly from when it was written, and I don't remember
the location.  I suspect our latest victim^H^H^H^H^H^H user, Pasi
Pirhonen, can give you more guidance here.  In fact, Pasi, if you'd be
willing to put together a document on what you did (and what would
have made it smoother), I'd be more than willing to port the four
packages of your choice (export restrictions willing).

> 2 - some kind of memory problem.

Hmmm.  Could the memory bus on the MB be 128-bit?  That might account
for it.

> 3 - milo doesn't seem to initialize the video card properly.  Does
> anyone have any experience using an ATI 3D Xpression+ with linux?
> The linux/alpha FAQ says that the DEC x86 emulator in milo should be
> able to initialize any VGA card.

I'm fairly certain the Mach64 is supported, and I seem to remember
this is a Mach64 card, so I can only express suprise.  Nothing more
helpful, unfortunately.

> I realize that questions 2 and 3 are not directly relevant to this
> list, but I didn't get much response to them on comp.sys.dec, and I
> couldn't find anything related in the axp-list archive. Any
> suggestions would be appreciated; my apologies if this is
> inappropriate.

This list is sufficiently low volume that I think it's safe to say
that we're willing to take on any questions. :-)

Unfortunately, I think most of the experience on the list comes from
working with the nigh-ubiquitous UDB.  I'd check on the axp-list,
because there are number of DEC engineers there, and they're pretty in
tune with the needs of the pople asking questions, and you're asking a
question that is not system-specific in any way so there shouldn't be
any issues there.

Anything more?  We're definitely in the market for converts, though it
requires a certain amount of intestinal fortitude and time.  More
people will make it that much easier to change that.

Michael Alan Dorman                                   Head of Systems
mdorman@calder.med.miami.edu            Louis Calder Memorial Library
(305) 243-5530                 University of Miami School of Medicine 

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