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installing debian/alpha

I have recently purchased two AXPpci33 (21066-166MHz) boards and would like
to run debian/alpha on them. Once the systems are up, I would be interested
in helping with debian/alpha development.

current obstacles:

1 - no boot disks. I could get a copy of Redhat if I had to, but I'd rather
    not. I had a bad experience with a RedHat/Intel install. On the other
    hand, I've done two debian/Intel installations without much problem.

2 - some kind of memory problem. When there are SIMMs in one pair of sockets,
    the boot ROM doesn't get past the memory size test (as indicated by the
    diagnostic LEDs). If all four sockets are filled, it works properly.
    I suspect that one of the SIMMs is defective. Has anyone seen anything
    like this?

3 - milo doesn't seem to initialize the video card properly.
    Does anyone have any experience using an ATI 3D Xpression+ with linux?
    The linux/alpha FAQ says that the DEC x86 emulator in milo should be
    able to initialize any VGA card.

I realize that questions 2 and 3 are not directly relevant to this list,
but I didn't get much response to them on comp.sys.dec, and I couldn't
find anything related in the axp-list archive. Any suggestions would be
appreciated; my apologies if this is inappropriate.

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario Canada

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