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Re: installing debian/alpha

On 6 May 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:


> There is a document on how to work from the RedHat boot disks and get
> yourself bootstrapped into Debian, but it's old, and the system has
> changed significantly from when it was written, and I don't remember
> the location.  I suspect our latest victim^H^H^H^H^H^H user, Pasi
> Pirhonen, can give you more guidance here.  In fact, Pasi, if you'd be
> willing to put together a document on what you did (and what would
> have made it smoother), I'd be more than willing to port the four
> packages of your choice (export restrictions willing).

Thank you Michael ;)

I might write something about it, but i am not quite sure, if i can
remeber all the steps (needed and working) right :(

The movement from libc6 to libc6.1 wasn't so smooth and i have been
installing and removing that stuff far to many times to be sure in which
position you can remove those. There is still laying around some binaries
that are linked against libc6 (sync comes to my mind foirst) and the
system isn't so clean. 

I remeber hearing something about new base.tgz? That would be much cleaner
starting point?

Basically i did the following, if you are on hurry.

- installed redhat (and ran that few days :)
- added disk
	1 ~2MB for MILO
	2 ~100MB for root and /var
	3 ~120MB for swap
	4 rest for /usr
dd if=milo.udb.gz of=/dev/sdb1 bs=10240 (as it is in docs)
mkfs'ed the partition and swap

- mounted sdb2(root) under /mnt and sdb4 under /mnt/usr and untarred
the base.tgz under /mnt. copied the /vmlinux.gz from redhat too /mnt/

- fixed at least in /etc - hosts, fstab, hostname, init.d/network
  and booted to debian/alpha

- mounted the rest of stuff from network, but it could have been in the 
  redhat disk too.

- dpkg'ed lot of stuff from sets and those valuable pieces from
  ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman, which made it possible
  to even develop some more now.
  Actually i don't remeber if anything else that libc6 was needed.
  And i remeber that i had to --force-depends install dpkg first to
  install some more packages.

- After plenty of unneeded intall/uninstall, i had system in state that i could
  reboot it again. i rembet that at least fsck-stuff was still depended
  of libc6 and i had to reboot to redhat and manually fix the links
  in /lib for ld.so.1 -> ld-linux.so.2 and libc.so.6 -> libc.so.6.1,
  but i have since recompiled the e2fprogs-package too 
  (*NOTE* which remaings mer about the oddity of e2fprogs still being
  linked against *both*, libc6+ld.so.1 and libc6.1+ld-linux.so.2?)
  This experimental package is available in 

- one good thing (at least for me) was to look with ldd, if all the vital
  parts was already linked against libc6.1

- for conclusion, i have to say that this 'document' is far from what i have 
  done, but i really don't remeber all the steps i made. for example i manually
  compiled some stuff from netstd, before Michael provided the package, as
  i needed working rlogind etc. before i had ssh working. I might stil have
  some parts left from my expriments, but i don't really remeber which parts.
  generally you have to be willing to solve problems as those appear.

I have had my morning coffee as i write this, but i am not quite sure if
it's affecting with the full power yet :)

If you have some special question to ask, please do so and i might remeber
better what i was doing in that specific part of my exploring

BTW. the new (patched) ssh is available too in 

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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