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Re: installing debian/alpha

In article <[🔎] 873es0w4ty.fsf@calder.med.miami.edu> you wrote:
: Bdale Garbee is working on this---although I am in the unfortunate
: position of owing him a kernel package, but I'm instead rebuilding X,
: what a life---but right now he's (no kidding) in the midst of putting
: together a sattelite payload, so he's short of time.  I think he's
: supposed to be done soon, and can then hopefully make some progress.

For those who are interested, here are a couple of URL's about what I'm 
working on that isn't Debian-related:

	The organization I'm "working" for (all volunteer, believe it or not!):

	The communications processor that we're trying to finish up right now:

	The GPS experiment that I'm project lead for:

>From now through at least the weekend of the 24th, I'm in a crunch to help
deliver some critical-path software for the communications processor.  I take
"time out" once in a while to clear my head, and often beat on my UDB in those
periods... I can't predict how much time I can spend this month, though.  After
we button up the Rudak module, I'll still have lots to do, but less of it will
be time-critical, meaning I'll be back to interleaving other things better.

If someone else is motivated to work on a new set of base.tgz and/or boot
disks, then by all means, do so.  The work I've done so far has been mostly
captured by Sven in recent copies of the boot-floppies package, and the things
that are needed to continue are a kernel package, and probably some other
packages that we haven't realized we need, yet.  Getting this working for 
Alpha requires a knowledge of how the boot process works, and expertise in
shell scripting.  I *will* get back to it eventually, but I'd be equally
pleased to find it already done when my time frees up again...  :-)


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