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Re: Progress...

Poor form, I know, to follow up one's own email message, but what the

> and I've got X percolating in the background---it may even be
> finished by tomorrow.

Well, X has more-or-less (OK, less) built.  I have installed it.  I
have even gotten X to run.  There are still many problems, not the
least of which is the fact that xterm doesn't compile.

Fixing the X build problems will be a back burner project for the next
couple of weeks, unless someone else (hopefully with a faster machine)
would like to take care of it.

Another good project would be for someone to build tcl/tk, since this
means we could have the interactive X-based configuration tool
available, since this requires tk.

> So, it seems to me that we are dangerously close to the point when all
> we need to start calling this an (admittedly minimal) axp distribution
> is a set of boot disks.

Can anyone volunteer for this?  I really can't tell you how hesitant I
am to dig into a bunch of shell scripts like this.  I'll do it if
necessary, but if someone else could work on that while I work on
other stuff, it'd be a big help.

Finally, I've got netbase recompiled, and it seems to work (though
ping displays some odd behavior), but I think that netstd is maybe
even more important, and potentially much more involved.  Unless
someone volunteers, ASAP, I'm going to take this on next.  Hopefully
I'll be able to close that out this weekend.

As you might have noticed, I neglected to put any packages up on
master.  I hope to do that in the days ahead.



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