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I have almost all of base recompiled, except for a couple of packages
that would like X, and few problem packages (mount, util-linux, kbd)
that are going to require actual work---though it will hopefully
consist mostly of grabbing the RedHat SRPMS and looking at the patches
they've applied.  I've also finished most of the low-level development
tools, and I've got X percolating in the background---it may even be
finished by tomorrow.

For the moment, you can find the packages I've been working on at


Tomorrow I will start moving files up to master to be put into

If you decide to install these packages, please note that the system
all this stuff is currently working on has been bootstrapped from
RedHat through Cistron's older Debian up to the current stuff, so
there may be hidden problems---please report them to the list so that
I will see them and others will learn from your experience.

FWIW, Bdale seems to think they work OK.

So, it seems to me that we are dangerously close to the point when all
we need to start calling this an (admittedly minimal) axp distribution
is a set of boot disks.

While I would be more than willing to take responsibility for setting
up boot and installation disks, I must say that my command of sh is
not up to the taking on the installation scripts---I'm new enough at
this stuff that I learned perl first.

Nor do I know how to use a slide rule.  Someone please get the
obligatory "today's kids" comment out of the way. :-)

Finally, as a parenthetical note, I have come to dislike RedHat's
source format intensely compared with ours, if for no other reason
that we package our diffs separately from the upstream source, so if
you only have to have 66K of diffs for gcc, the user need only
download that much---the source rpms, on the other hand, make you
download the whole 8MB.


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