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Re: Qmail as packet for Alpha ?

Mike Neuffer <mike@i-Connect.Net> writes:
> Has anyone tried to compile qmail ?

Nope, but I might here soon.

> I finally got my UDB up and running under RH.....

I'm _soo_ sorry.

> Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be exactly very stable with RH 4.0
> It simply loves to dump core with unaligned accesses and kernel paging
> requests.

Well, I didn't have 4.0 on mine for more than a week, so I didn't see
much of that.

> I am able to compile the kernel for example (I am currently running
> pre2.0.30-2), but somehow gcc always produces unaligned accesses when I
> try to compile qmail.

gcc on RH4.0 is, IMHO, fishy at best.  It's based on some hacks which
the author, Richard Henderson, has subsequently disowned.

> I'd really love to do some more work on this box but I need a working
> qmail first.

Well, we've got most of a core debian system up, though there are
still weak spots and there's no recipe for upgrading right now.  If
you're willing to experiment (and if you can't get anything else
working on it, what have you to loose), you could hit


and start installing stuff from there---actually, I'm not sure there's
a dpkg*nondebbin.tar.gz.  Let me know if there's not and I'll make one
up.  You'll probably need to unpack some stuff on an i386 debian box
(libc6.1, really), and then copy it into place in order for dpkg to be
able to work.  From there you should be able to untar the
dpkg*nondebbin, and then start installing.

Let us know how it goes, or wait a week or two for someone to start on
some installation disks.  Hopefully it won't even be me. :-)


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