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Re: ROCm hardware coverage assessment for Debian maintenance

Hi Étienne,

On 2022-01-17 1:59 p.m., Étienne Mollier wrote:
maxzor, on 2022-01-16:
It might prove useful to keep your RX560 available for testing as well!
There are numerous users on Polaris, that are sad at seing official
support go away for ROCm.
As far as I know, loosing official support does not mean that the GPUs
are not
"enabled" in the stack anymore, and that you cannot make them work.
I don't plan to throw hardware away, I utterly dislike wasting.
But if I recall correctly discussion with Cordell, I expect to
have problems with at least rocblas on the polaris card.  I can
sure see how far I can go with the RX560 for hardware coverage
of course.

I was referring to the incorrect GEMM results in rocBLAS on gfx803. Unfortunately, we do not test unsupported platforms, so breakages go unnoticed when they're introduced. I suspect the underlying problems are straightforward to resolve, but the process of debugging them is not.

I think the best approach would be find a version of rocBLAS that passes all tests on gfx803. I'm not sure which version that might be, but perhaps rocBLAS for ROCm 3.5. Then search for the commit that introduced the test failures. I'd do it myself, but it may be a long while before I have time.

ROCm does not officially support gfx803, but rocBLAS would gladly accept patches that fixed problems on the platform. And I would gladly provide advice to anyone who wanted to track and fix ROCm bugs on gfx803.


Cory Bloor

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