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Re: ROCm hardware coverage assessment for Debian maintenance

Hello Etienne,

> With Mo Zhou and Christian Kastner, we are trying to make sure
> that we're all set for supporting ROCm.  As packages will end up
> in the archive, they will require maintenance, bug fixing, etc,
> and Debian users may come up with a whole range of cards.  We
> want to make sure we will have all the tools we need to help.
> The ROCm stack has this peculiar that we need the hardware to
> make sure what we are building is functional.
> I believe you mentioned in Jitsi meeting that you had access to
> a Radeon VII, which has the best ROCm support so far (I recall
> something about computing π decimals :).  Could you confirm it
> is a card of yours on which you can make any test at any time if
> you need?
I confirm that I have a RadeonVII available at any time for Debian testing,
(except for long weekends like this one!)
So far I did not use it much, only for some prime number crunching with
from mersenne.org [1] :), and some jobs on the graphics pipeline.

I plan to upload as much test coverage as possible on Debian ROCm/gfx906
at [2].
Is there a better place?

> (I believe so, but just checking.  I ask because in my case, the
> RVII is employer owned.  I am free to use it, assuming lots of
> conditions such as being at the office, having available time on
> work time, or not change employer willingly or unwillingly.
> Otherwise I have to stick with my RX560 for which long term
> support is questionable, as Cordell mentioned rocblas would not
> work on it, so I have to review my setup.)

It might prove useful to keep your RX560 available for testing as well!
There are numerous users on Polaris, that are sad at seing official
support go away for ROCm.
As far as I know, loosing official support does not mean that the GPUs
are not
"enabled" in the stack anymore, and that you cannot make them work.
Maybe could Debian ensure
longer support than AMD?

Hopefully good RDNA2 support arrives soon enough...

> Oh, by the way, per chance, do you happen to have a PGP key?
I just read that SKS is down and Hagrid is taking over.
This one [3] is five years old and I brought it to a mozilla signing
party once,
where it was certified by Nicolas Dandrimont and I felt like a h4ck3r 🙃...
But this was on SKS... I changed machine since then, need to verify the

Best regards, Maxime

[1] https://www.mersenneforum.org/showthread.php?t=22204

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