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Re: ROCm hardware coverage assessment for Debian maintenance

Hi Maxime,

maxzor, on 2022-01-16:
> I confirm that I have a RadeonVII available at any time for Debian testing,
> (except for long weekends like this one!)
> So far I did not use it much, only for some prime number crunching with
> Lucas-Lehmer
> from mersenne.org [1] :), and some jobs on the graphics pipeline.

Ah perfect, so I did recall correctly!  Staying away from
computer during vacations is perfectly fine, several developpers
do so I believe.  :)

> I plan to upload as much test coverage as possible on Debian ROCm/gfx906
> at [2].
> Is there a better place?

> [2]
> https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/community/team-project/-/blob/master/test_status.md

Thank you for putting this together!  I believe this place is
okay.  I'll try to keep the location in mind when running tests
on my side to update the coverage.

> It might prove useful to keep your RX560 available for testing as well!
> There are numerous users on Polaris, that are sad at seing official
> support go away for ROCm.
> As far as I know, loosing official support does not mean that the GPUs
> are not
> "enabled" in the stack anymore, and that you cannot make them work.

I don't plan to throw hardware away, I utterly dislike wasting.
But if I recall correctly discussion with Cordell, I expect to
have problems with at least rocblas on the polaris card.  I can
sure see how far I can go with the RX560 for hardware coverage
of course.

> Maybe could Debian ensure
> longer support than AMD?
> Hopefully good RDNA2 support arrives soon enough...

Well, we may provide support for little longer than upstream due
to the pace of Debian releases cycle, but that is at the cost of
not bumping the versions available in stable to the latest
upstream, just sticking to fixing release critical bugs and make
sure security issues are addressed.

Your coverage page should give a better picture of the situation
once tests will have been run on a range of hardware.

> I just read that SKS is down and Hagrid is taking over.
> This one [3] is five years old and I brought it to a mozilla signing
> party once,
> where it was certified by Nicolas Dandrimont and I felt like a h4ck3r 🙃...
> But this was on SKS... I changed machine since then, need to verify the
> fingerprint.

Cool, he's been kind enough to meet me during the signing party
(or lack thereof) at DebConf 2020.  :)

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <emollier@emlwks999.eu>
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