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Re: purposes

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

    Andreas> would be nice if this was possible also for unix. adduser
    Andreas> is nice but not compareable to the gui tool. (adduser +
    Andreas> userdel + less /etc/passwd
    Andreas> + passwd + some other tools would be comparable.

    Andreas> of course these gui tools are not as powerfull, and are
    Andreas> not scriptable.  but they do there job: give 20%
    Andreas> functionality, enough for 80% of the job.  and it
    Andreas> requires not very much knowledge to use them.

 XEmacs is an excellent platform for this sort of tool.  It's far more
 malleable than a CGI based approach.

 (Yes I realize that GNU Emacs would be good enough for the job, but I 
 believe that some of the advanced features of XEmacs would make it
 even better...)

 It could be scriptable, and made to work on the user/group database
 of a remote system, using `ssh' or `rsh' and a few simple C programs
 (maybe tied to the PAMized shadow suite).  I have done some brief and
 preliminary exploration of this problem, and plan to, at some point
 in the future, do work on an `add/remove user' tool for XEmacs.

    Andreas> developing similiar tools can be a task for the
    Andreas> linux/bsd/unix community.  it also helps newby users a
    Andreas> lot.

 That's us.

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