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Re: purposes

>> An interesting editorial I looked at the other day said
>> that caldera had a distribution that installed purely graphically,
>> with minimal intervention.  The writer did comment that the whole
>> setup was harder to administer in a traditional unix/linux manner,
>> so it wasn't going to please anyone.
>I gave the install to an NT admin as a test and the commercial boot loader
>broke NT.

    Odd.  I just did a Caldera 2.2 install on my system (K6-2 400mHz, 96mb
SDRAM(66mHz), 6gb hdd, 2gb hdd, Riva TNT, 56k modem, 10bT ethernet, SB PNP)
last night.  Ironically, I had more trouble with just booting from the CDROM
than I did from using the Windows 9x installation interface that Caldera
provided.  I was really impressed.

    I'm not sure what I think of their graphical bootup screen, though, or
their BootMagic loader instead of the traditional LILO interface.   The
former seems to hide a lot of the readouts from the user (though dmesg is
available).  Admittedly, I haven't looked into disabling it yet.

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