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Re: I forgot

 Ok, so you're installing Debian on a bunch of computers in a student
 computer lab.

 You boot one of them with the boot CD, and spend an hour...
 Installing the "template" system...  Perhaps a server is already up
 and running, maybe over there, next to the paperwaster.  You give
 configuration input as you go, the first time around.  When it's
 ready, you take a floppy or the CD around to each of the other 35 or
 40 workstations, and boot them to an installer setup. 

 You tell each of them where the template system is as you go, then
 walk back to the template box with the CD, put it back in the drive,
 and click a Debian swirl embellished magic button.  The template box
 signals the others... and in orderly fashion, they report their NIC
 addresses and say tell me who I am.  DHCP magic happens, they get

 You go around to each workstation in turn, and tell it its name.

 The template box broadcasts the install to the workstations, they
 install the software, and save their questions for later.

 The questions are asked of the template; the template consolidates
 them in some way, and you get a form to fill out...

 That form might be a template?  Hmmm...

 (mapc #'(lambda (hostname)
	   (some function here that does the right configs))
    '(a list of hostnames)

 I guess there's always going to be a few things that will differ from
 workstation to workstation that you'll have to fill out using a

 There perhaps ought to be provision for those workstations mounting
 most softare via NFS or AFS... ala FHS.  They need only the very
 basics; enough on them to offload processing from the swerver.

 Like Apple did it.

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