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Re: purposes

about the unix/nt comparisson:
with nt one thing is easy possible: delegate some task to someone who
is not a skilled administrator.

think of the user manager for domains: it's pretty easy to add
and delete users, if you did some preperation like creating template users.
it takes few time to show someone how to do everything.

would be nice if this was possible also for unix. adduser is nice
but not compareable to the gui tool. (adduser + userdel + less /etc/passwd
+ passwd + some other tools would be comparable.

of course these gui tools are not as powerfull, and are not scriptable.
but they do there job: give 20% functionality, enough for 80% of the job.
and it requires not very much knowledge to use them.

developing similiar tools can be a task for the linux/bsd/unix community.
it also helps newby users a lot.


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