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Re: purposes

Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

> about the unix/nt comparisson:
> with nt one thing is easy possible: delegate some task to someone who
> is not a skilled administrator.

And see him go crazy trying to fix something, e.g. installing NT on
drives with >1024 cylinders after a crash.

Get alife. If you have a problem with NT it gets difficult and you
don't even have logfiles that are as detailed as with linux.

> think of the user manager for domains: it's pretty easy to add
> and delete users, if you did some preperation like creating template users.
> it takes few time to show someone how to do everything.

As long as everything works your fine with an unexpirience admin.

> would be nice if this was possible also for unix. adduser is nice
> but not compareable to the gui tool. (adduser + userdel + less /etc/passwd
> + passwd + some other tools would be comparable.

There are tools out there using dialog, whiptail, gdialog or tcl/tk to 
do all that stuff.
> of course these gui tools are not as powerfull, and are not scriptable.
> but they do there job: give 20% functionality, enough for 80% of the job.
> and it requires not very much knowledge to use them.
> developing similiar tools can be a task for the linux/bsd/unix community.
> it also helps newby users a lot.

The problem is finding them as a user needing them. :) Nearly every
tool has been programmed for unix.

May the Source be with you.

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