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Re: Linuxconf again and again (was: purposes)


Some kind of LDAP to store key/value pairs so that
install programs can fetch available values without
parsing /etc/*

Make available through the same directory server
a method (script/executable) that can take appropriate
actions once a key/value pair has been changed by
the install program (i.e. change the config script
for the daemon, alter daemon settings, restart or
whatever else is needed.)

Modify dpkg to provide a robust front end to
the directory (if available, if key/value pair is
defined, etc.,) and able to automatically issue the
change method on successful installation.

Make a directory of system information available to
the dpkg programmer.

Make the debian install request system information
and place it in the directory.

Make a front end for the user which could make
configuration parameters available for modification
and issue the change method when successful modification
of the directory ocurrs.

Additionally, machine configuration templates could be
stored in the directory, and a remote boot daemon
constructed which could install the base system off
the directory.

Chris Rhodes

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