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Re: config management/database (was Re: Control Panel)

Previously Havoc Pennington wrote:
> One thing I like is that the usual user config/systemwide config scheme is
> made much more flexible - you have network-wide config, system config,
> user config, and lots of shadings in between.

Ah, my dear friend. There you are a bit mistaken :). This is another
part where the different modules/drivers/etc. come in. You can easily
make a driver to handle user config and start a /user hierarchy in the
config space. Hell, you can make a driver that makes it uses a windows
registry database and profiles if you really want.

> I'm pretty sure Tom Tromey (automake/Gnome hacker, works at Cygnus,
> tromey@cygnus.com) made a design document for a gnome-config replacement
> you might be interested in. You might mail him and Miguel
> (miguel@gnu.org), they could tell you where that document is.

Okay, I'll clean it up somewhat today and mail it to them.


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