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Re: system-wide gpr files live in /usr/share but mention an?arch-dependant path

Björn Persson <bjorn@xn--rombobjrn-67a.se> writes:
> Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:
>> I would suggest a name less generic than directories.gpr. An end-user
>> may, for very similar reasons, have a project named directories.gpr
>> in the current directory, and this would cause obscure
>> errors. Something like system_library_directories.gpr?
> Seeing that I've already renamed the file once in Fedora I'd rather
> not rename it again now that we have a number of libraries using it
> and a policy document that mentions the filename. On the other hand I
> don't want it to cause trouble to users. Could you elaborate on what
> obscure errors you think would occur?
> The GNAT tools search for an included project file relative to the
> including project file before they try the default project
> directories. This means that the user's project files will use the
> user's own directories.gpr, but installed library packages will use
> the global directories.gpr, so it seems to me that everything will
> work as intended.

Ada forbids two compilation units to have the same name in a closure.
I'd be very surprised if GNAT would allow two different project files in
a closure to have the same name; and even if this is allowed, there is a
big potential for confusion.

Ludovic Brenta.

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