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ada-reference-manual updated for 2012

I've updated org.debian.ada-reference-manual (rev
e2bbbeb6dd43bb2e07681653455fccc5f48a6038) for draft 17 of the Ada 2012
reference manual. According to AdaIC
(http://www.ada-auth.org/standards/ada12.html), only 'editorial' changes
will be made between now and the official ISO version.

This package contains the full upstream Scheme sources for Ada 2012 and
Ada 2005, and the Ada code to process them (now under GPL 3). It
produces two binary packages, for Ada2005 and Ada2012, each containing
the arm and aarm in html, info, pdf, and txt formats.

I don't have a functioning gpg key, so I can't upload it.

This will be my last effort for Debian; I don't have time or energy for
this anymore. Someone will need to take over maintenance of my packages.

I do plan to maintain my upstream packages on my website.

-- Stephe

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