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Re: system-wide gpr files live in /usr/share but mention an?arch-dependant path

Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:
> I would suggest a name less generic than directories.gpr. An end-user
> may, for very similar reasons, have a project named directories.gpr in
> the current directory, and this would cause obscure errors. Something
> like system_library_directories.gpr?

Seeing that I've already renamed the file once in Fedora I'd rather not rename 
it again now that we have a number of libraries using it and a policy document 
that mentions the filename. On the other hand I don't want it to cause trouble 
to users. Could you elaborate on what obscure errors you think would occur?

The GNAT tools search for an included project file relative to the including 
project file before they try the default project directories. This means that 
the user's project files will use the user's own directories.gpr, but installed 
library packages will use the global directories.gpr, so it seems to me that 
everything will work as intended.


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