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arch-dependant gpr files

GNAT projects may be considered a particular case of headers varying
across architectures, but located in /usr/share by policy.

Many Ada -dev packages contain such headers, for example generated C
bindings, and would remain buggy even with a sensible GNAT project

I suggest that we remove the Multiarch:same field from our -dev
packages, at least until a policy shows up in Debian for

>From http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation:

[Why update your library package for multiarch support?]
Although Debian policy currently doesn't allow -dev packages with
headers which vary across architectures to be Multi-Arch: same, users
may set up cross-build environments using only -dev packages for the
target arch. Having your runtime library package built as Multi-Arch:
same makes it easier to build software against your library in such an

[Issues to be aware of when converting]
If your -dev package contains headers which vary across architectures
then it cannot be marked as Multi-Arch: same until a policy decision
is made about architecture-dependant headers and the toolchain is

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