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Re: Pipewire (was Re: Thanks so Much)

On Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 07:50:58PM -0400, Jason White wrote:
>On 18/3/22 09:30, Sam Hartman wrote:
>> The other thing I care about is that pipewire is more likely to do
>> intelligent things when audio cards are added or removed.
>> After a while, when I've assigned various apps to various devices,
>> plugging something in or unplugging it tended to get bad results with
>> pulseaudio.
>> It just tried too hard to figure out where streams used to be etc.
>> Pipewire confuses me less.
>That's my experience as well. I removed PulseAudio, installed Pipewire
>(including the PulseAudio emulation and Wireplumber), and all has been
>markedly improved since then.

Is that really all todo to switch from pulseaudio to pipewire on Debian 
Bullseye with backports enabled?

I'd also like to try pipewire but fear to end up with an unuseable system 
when just removing pulseaudio and install the packages you mensioned above.

Can you give more details about the migration from pulseaudio to pipewire if 
more steps are needed please? What todo next after removing and installing 
the necessary packages?

Cheers and thanks,


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