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Re: Thanks so Much

>>>>> "Jean-Philippe" == Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <jpmengual@debian.org> writes:

    Jean-Philippe> Hi, Le 02/03/2022 à 19:28, Sam Hartman a écrit :
    >>>>>>> "Jean-Philippe" == Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
    >>>>>>> <jpmengual@debian.org> writes:
    >> For most applications you use pipewire-pulse and the pulseaudio
    >> interface.  The problem with pulse isn't (for most things) its
    >> native audio protocol.
    >> So, with pipewire, pipewire-pulse and wireplumber installed, and
    >> pulseaudio and pulseaudio.socket disabled, things work well.
    Jean-Philippe> oh indeed, here I had removed pulseaudio, I thought
    Jean-Philippe> piperwire and pulseaudio emulation packages were
    Jean-Philippe> enough. But what is the benefit to use piperwise if
    Jean-Philippe> pulseaudio is still needed to be present? does it
    Jean-Philippe> bring a better user interface?

The #1 thing for me is that I get modern bluetooth codecs so that I can
actually use a bluetooth microphone for Jitsi without hating the audio
The other thing I care about is that pipewire is more likely to do
intelligent things when audio cards are added or removed.
After a while, when I've assigned various apps to various devices,
plugging something in or unplugging it tended to get bad results with
It just tried too hard to figure out where streams used to be etc.
Pipewire confuses me less.

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