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Re: Thanks so Much

>>>>> "Jean-Philippe" == Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <jpmengual@debian.org> writes:

    Jean-Philippe> Hi Sam, Le 25/02/2022 à 05:15, Sam Hartman a écrit :
    >> It's been a while since I wrote in and said thanks, and I just
    >> wanted to report that I still appreciate the great work and
    >> things are (for the most part) working great.
    >> I'm using gnome/gdm, orca, and emacspeak, with pipewire for
    >> audio,

    Jean-Philippe> Really? How do you set your speech-dispatcher conf to
    Jean-Philippe> have pipewire? I installed it some weeks ago in Sid
    Jean-Philippe> and lost my sound on Orca. And I thought it was due

For most applications you use pipewire-pulse and the pulseaudio
The problem with pulse isn't (for most things) its native audio

So, with pipewire, pipewire-pulse and wireplumber installed, and
pulseaudio and pulseaudio.socket disabled,
things work well.

    >> But it feels like there ought to be a better solution for using
    >> text apps inside a graphical environment.

    Jean-Philippe> Also perhaps you could use a screen (window manager)
    Jean-Philippe> environment in a terminal inside the GUI? screen has
    Jean-Philippe> its own cut-and-paste features accessible with
    Jean-Philippe> keyboard.

But they don't integrate so great with X as far as I can tell.

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