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Text console speaking - espeakup problem

Hi All,

I want to create my custom Debian live environment, but only with text
console, i do not need graphical frontend. I can do all the things
except configure espeakup to speak it and reads the console. I want to
use it on a computer which has low memory and slow CPU, i need only
text console. My Debian live environment works well but it is not
I installed espeakup package.
I unable to find the espeakup voices in /usr/lib/espeakup-data (no
such directory).
So i unable to set the voice in /etc/default/espeakup.
I am using the "speakup.synth=soft" kernelparameter but nothing happens.
I am using standard kernel package (which linux-image-amd64 dummy
package installs).
I do not need speak at boot time, only when the system is loaded and
the prompt appears.

What can I do?


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