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Re: Text console speaking - espeakup problem

Why not use the Debian 8 net install ISO. It has an option for a console
only installation. It speaks you through the installation and after
installation it comes up talking at boot time.  If you have difficulty
understanding partitioning it also has a install option which does that
for you.  The only thing which will not happen automatically is setting
up a connection to the internet after installation which one of us can
help you with.  If you are using an older computer which does not have a
wifi card you may need to purchase a USB wifi card.  I have an older
computer which I have to do the same thing and can recommend a good
working USB wifi card.  I imagine you could also try Debian 9 but I
suggest Debian 8 since I have found a way to use Voxin with Debian 8. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I check my email
once a day.

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