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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

Mr Thibault,
I can confirm, that The line
GSETTINGS_BACKEND=dconf gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-reader-enabled true Is enough to force Orca to cooperate with Firefox and I have next good news for all users. Seamonkey WEBbrowser is usable with Orca even while using Android and Xserver XSDL. There will not be many many bugs related to graphics. Orca is able to use its GECKo methods even for font colour detection, quick navigation keys are fully supported. I Am only sad, that I do not know about some people, who have build Seamonkey for ARM32 bit platform. Fortunately, Archlinux contain Seamonkey prepared, but I do not know, if I can use it in Debian when I simply copy data from installed Arch linux when I have installed Seamonkey by using pacman. Compiling for ARM is not trivial task, fortunately, some professional developer have allready made it for Me.
So you can use Orca and Firefox and Orca and Seamonkey.
Sure, nobody can except, that if Android device have 1 GB of RAM, and system have 150 200 MB free, that Seamonkey will not crash after wisiting many complex WEB sites.
But it is possible.
Every one have also full freedom to even disable Google play services to save some RAM,. I will write many nice words to The developer of LIBAO, because only this library can provide reliable sspelling while using Speech-dispatcher in chroot environment on Android. There is no switch auto speak of two letters at The same time when pressing left or right arrow key for once. No double characters announcement while typing on keyboard. Libao is working even while using TCP socket. And thisis perfect. Bood new for Speech-dispatcher developers, yours speech server is really perfect and I will neverdream about Libgnomespeech. Thank MR Thibault for his patience with my pleas. I Am aware, that I Am working with not standard Linux but I think, that those experiments can makemany visually impaired users happy, since combining Android with GTK Debian apps can have big potential. Sure, I would be really much more satisfied, if I could simply typestartx and I could work with Xserver which is The part of Debian, it support all extensions and it would be much more better work with GTK applications.

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