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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

I have made functioning solution.
I have decided to work according to The instructions which are published here.


I have installed packages which have been described in The article.

I have installed LXDE
And then I typed
Openbox &
orca &
startlxde &
firefox &
And viola. Firefox cooperates with Orca.
I Am fighting with one big problem. I do not know, how to disable 3D graphics by using some of GTK window managers, which are compatible with Orca. Many crytical errors are making Firefox process slower and slower. But Orca build in navigation keys are working like a charm. I will try to analyse window managers configuration files /etc if I will have some chances to disable various graphics decorations. And 3D graphics instructions. But I Am very very glad, that I Am not having problems with Android build in memory management. No memory allocation issues, no not enough memory messages. So it is always necessary to have some complete desktop environment started before running Firefox in The Android by using Termux or other project based on Proot module.

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