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Re: Text console speaking - espeakup problem

Egon, le jeu. 01 nov. 2018 17:34:37 +0100, a ecrit:
> I installed espeakup package.
> I unable to find the espeakup voices in /usr/lib/espeakup-data (no
> such directory).

espeakup is not a speech synthesis, it's only a proxy between the
in-kernel speakup screen reader and the espeak synthesis, whose voices
are in the espeak-data package, and thus in

> So i unable to set the voice in /etc/default/espeakup.
> I am using the "speakup.synth=soft" kernelparameter but nothing happens.

Putting the kernel parameter alone won't trigger loading the module,
you need to add speakup_soft to /etc/modules to get the kernel module


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