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Re: Fenrir 1.9.2 Released

On 7/17/2018 9:09 PM, chrys@linux-a11y.org wrote:
Howdy Devin,

Ok thanks for the info :).  Like noticed i do what i can :)..
You own an mac?this is interesting to me sine fenrir should run on mac in pty mode as well. Sadly i dont own an mac. But i want to wire up fenrir for mac. I wonder if you would help me to wire up fenrir for mac? I will fix needed issues but i need ia tester here :). It should also run on windows what i do not own ( of course on cli only)

I have cloned your repo using Cygwin.
Any hint on how I would use it on Windows?

When time allows I will try it on Debian 9.

Any reason why you have file name separated with spaces in the repo (with CLI/Git I would use '-' instead of spaces for 'file' name)?

John Doe

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