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Fenrir 1.9.2 Released

Howdy List,

Like already told i want to release more often to bring the lastest stuff more fast to you.
i want to announce fenrir 1.9.2
quite small change in number but a lot of new cool stuff :).
I will use github tracker to handle my todo list and bugs now :). so feel free to use it ;).

Important Note:
systemd file is now not shipped by setup.py anymore and needs to be brought in place manualy. this is an ongoing work to make the setup.py more plattform independ (BSD, VoidLinux doesnt use systemd)
the startup files (systemd, runit) could be found here:

- import X clipboard into fenrir using xclip
- imporove accuracy of speak history (arrow up/ down in bash/ irssi/ tintin and all others) - numlock/ capslock/ rolllock does not run out of sync with its announcements now. the smaller code should also gain a performance boost.
- variouse speedups and bugfixes

New Barrier Mode
- add barrier mode - respect pseudo CLI window borders like used in many CLI applications to not speak overlapping pseudo windows (i. e. pdmenu, mc, dialog or finch)
- toggle for barrier mode
- soundicon for barrier mode when enter and leave the barrier detection

Attribute Handling:
- lot higher accuracy for hilight tracking
- soundicon for "has attribute". it bells a sound now when the current attributes are different from default and previous attributes while cursoring/ review arround by char
- toggle for the has attribtue soundicon
- unify code for attribute handling "attributeManager"
- overall improved attribute code

PTY - Terminal emulation:
- multitap shortcuts (press a key multible timse fast to fire a different command)
- lot of fixes
- speedup work (more to come, want to split out all this into an own process using the processManager)
this brings the PTY emulation on pair with VCSA screen driver

- portuguese language added (thanks to F123 and frinds!)

Whats next - forcast?
I have currently 5 big tasks on my todo list:
- table review mode (speak headline and cell content to have an better idea of output of ps and stuff example: "PID:12345 command:/bin/bash" insteed of word or line review "PID, command, 12345, /bin/bash")
- settings/ confgiuration "dialog" to configure fenrir on runtime
- braille support (partial done)
- advanced say all functionality (read a man or stuff like that until no next page exist, place review cursor on current spoken word)
- improved installation
if anyone is interested in dive in or has preferences what he/she wants to see in next release, let me know. if not, i would start with table review mode.

cheers chrys and F123 Team

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