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Re: Fenrir 1.9.2 Released

I would be happy to help. I'll be on IRC tomorrow.

Devin Prater

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 2:09 PM -0500, <chrys@linux-a11y.org> wrote:

Howdy Devin,

Ok thanks for the info :).  Like noticed i do what i can :)..
You own an mac?this is interesting to me sine fenrir should run on mac  
in pty mode as well.
Sadly i dont own an mac. But i want to wire up fenrir for mac. I  
wonder if you would help me to wire up fenrir for mac?
I will fix needed issues but i need ia tester here :). It should also  
run on windows what i do not own ( of course on cli only)

Cheers chrys

Zitat von Devin Prater :

> With attributes, they include italics, bold, underline, things like  
> that. Not too much, but things I would want to know about. They do  
> depend on Braille table. Perhaps NVDA’s Braille implementation can  
> show things possible.
>> On Jul 17, 2018, at 1:09 PM, chrys@linux-a11y.org wrote:
>> Howdy John,
>> For my initial work i created an debug braille driver what just  
>> prints the showhn text to stdout.  I will take a look at your link.  
>> The initial brltty driver works i tested it with storm dragon. He  
>> had a braille device. But its verry unpractical to not be able to  
>> verify your own code after doing some changes :). With the debug  
>> driver i will not be able to emulate braille input. But fenrir is  
>> able by design to bind commands to any shortcut also to keyboard  
>> what may help as well :).
>> I will fore sure do what i can ;).  But help is very welcome to  
>> make a perfect job to wire up an best possible result to all :).  
>> But foor example devins attribute stuff ; i dont know what  
>> attributes have an braille eqvivalent and how they look like. Do  
>> they depend on the used braille table?  (Just an example of many  
>> questions i have)
>> Thanks for your links i will investigate.
>> Cheers chrys
>> Zitat von john doe :
>>> On 7/17/2018 7:01 PM, chrys wrote:
>>>> Howdy Devin,
>>>> sure thing as soon as i figure how lol. i dont own an braille  
>>>> device so i just can do most of that stuff "blind" lol.
>>>> for stuff like that it would be really awesome to have someone  
>>>> with python dev skills and braille device on my side :). i m not  
>>>> blind so maybe i m not the best person to say how it needs to be  
>>>> done that it is perfect.
>>>> i already started the implementation and basic stuff should be  
>>>> doable but its not production ready yet.
>>>> thats why the default braille driver is currently dummy lol. but  
>>>> basic brltty usage is already implemented and also some needed  
>>>> bits to show up some text on the braille device and flush it.
>>>> panning should be in place as well. but all untested lol. i will  
>>>> add your request to the list.
>>>> here the outstanding todos if someone wants to dive in and help out :).
>>>> Braille Support:
>>>>   [] brailleFocusMode:
>>>>     [] manual = no automatic toggle, command used (text cursor,  
>>>> review cursor, attribute cursor)
>>>>     [] last = follow last used cursor (text cursor, review  
>>>> cursor, attribute cursor)
>>>>   [] print cursor in review
>>>>   [] print cursor in textmode / attribute tracking
>>>>   [] word wrapping (if word does not fit print it at next page)
>>>>   [] command toggle used cursor (in manual brailleFocusMode)
>>>>   [] capture input from braile
>>>>   [] make routing keys assignable by keyboard
>>>>   [] make brailleTable configurable
>>>>   [] tuning for the commands, what should be pinned, what should  
>>>> be flushed, what not shown at all.
>>>> JFYI same for dectalk :). i want to provide an dectalk speech  
>>>> driver. but i dont own an device. speech drivers designed are  
>>>> really simple. so maybe someone with an device can help out here  
>>>> as well.
>>> I don't have the python skills but maybe you could emulate a brail display:
>>> https://linux.die.net/man/1/qemu-kvm
>>> You could have a look at NVDA which is also written in python:
>>> https://github.com/nvaccess
>>> --
>>> John Doe

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