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Re: gnome-orca version policy?


Actually it is a kind of strategical choice, depending mainly on the
time you / we have to package and how the package is complex to update.

Either we focus on GNOME releases, so we will release Orca 3.24 (done),
3.26, etc. To be sure to stay relevant with the GNOME and GTK stack.

Or, solution I prefer, we let Orca with its own policy, given the
importance of fixes in Orca and given it is used on other DE than GNOME.
Then ieah release in the repo (3.25, etc), once released as a package,
should be packaged. I like this becaude it enables me to test Orca
before freeze in Debian, without needing to use the master release of Orca.

Best regards,

Le 02/09/2017 à 19:42, Paul Gevers a écrit :
> Hi Jeremy,
> The watch file in the gnome-orca package suggests that only the even
> versions of minor releases should be packaged, but you packages 3.25.4
> for Ubuntu. Should we update our watch file or is 3.25.4 special?
> Paul

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