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Re: orca for unstable

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 02:10:23PM +0100, Sebastian Humenda wrote:
> Hello Klaus / rest,
> Sebastian Humenda schrieb am 10.02.2014, 13:47 +0100:
> >For me Orca starts up but fully ignores my running speech-dispatcher which I
> >configured to use Alsa. As soon as I open the configuration screen, change to
> >the speech settings and press 2-3 times tab, I get "screen not in text mode" on
> >my braille display.
> >First I thought Orca might have crashed, but after tabbing three more times I
> >got indeed back the expected controls like the "ok" button. This looks very
> >strange.
> Maybe you can reproduce the following (if you have a braille display around):
> - press alt+f2
> - press arrow down - does "screen not in text mode" show up?
> - press arrow up - do you get garbled signs on the right side of the display?
> If its reproducible I think there might be something wrong with brlapi.

I can't reproduce this, since in my setup, I don't use brltty but sbl
with brld as bridge to the braille device, which still works smoothly
with orca and handles switching between console mode and X11 very well,
thanks to the work of sbl developers. Hopefully this will still work
after the upgrade.


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