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Re: orca for unstable

Hello Klaus,

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Knopper schrieb am 10.02.2014, 11:37 +0100:
>I still got some minor and major problems with the current
>Debian/unstable version. Yes, I know how to use "reportbug", but two of
>these were actually serious showstoppers for my otherwise working
>platform, so I'm reporting them right here anyways. ;-)
First of all, do you know whether orca 3.10 would work with GNOME 3.8? I have in
mind that 3.8 was an exception where only Orca 3.8 would work, but I'm not sure.

>- orca resets the keyboard layout to us-english shortly after start, I
>could not identify the location in the source where this weird thing
>happens. Since most readers here are probably using orca in english,
>maybe nobody noticed?
How can I test that? I just started orca, but I can't remember an Oca
functionality where the difference between a German and an US-English keyboard
might be visible.

>- when started without gnome-session (i.e. LXDE), orca does not see
>iceweasel and iceweasel is also not being listed by "orca -l". Not sure
>if this is a bug in orca or iceweasel. It seems to be related to the way
>orca assembles the list of desktop programs, and session registration.
Sounds bad, cannot check that at present.

For me Orca starts up but fully ignores my running speech-dispatcher which I
configured to use Alsa. As soon as I open the configuration screen, change to
the speech settings and press 2-3 times tab, I get "screen not in text mode" on
my braille display.
First I thought Orca might have crashed, but after tabbing three more times I
got indeed back the expected controls like the "ok" button. This looks very

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