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Re: orca for unstable

Hello Sebastian,

I still got some minor and major problems with the current
Debian/unstable version. Yes, I know how to use "reportbug", but two of
these were actually serious showstoppers for my otherwise working
platform, so I'm reporting them right here anyways. ;-)

- orca resets the keyboard layout to us-english shortly after start, I
could not identify the location in the source where this weird thing
happens. Since most readers here are probably using orca in english,
maybe nobody noticed?

- when started without gnome-session (i.e. LXDE), orca does not see
iceweasel and iceweasel is also not being listed by "orca -l". Not sure
if this is a bug in orca or iceweasel. It seems to be related to the way
orca assembles the list of desktop programs, and session registration.
LXDE runs no session manager, and iceweasel seems to rely on a socket in
order to announce itself. (Why? It works perfectly with libreoffice and

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:26:05AM +0100, Sebastian Humenda wrote:
> Hello,
> just to avoid race conditions: I am now looking into the gnome orca package to
> get it into unstable. Please tell me if anyone of you is working also on this
> package.
> Sebastian

I gave up on packaging orca and rather wrote wrappers around the
official Debian package in order to circumvent the bugs. If you have any
preliminary Debian packaging of the orca upstream version ready, I'll
happily volunteer in testing them with LXDE and german locales.


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