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Re: orca for unstable

Hello Klaus / rest,

Sebastian Humenda schrieb am 10.02.2014, 13:47 +0100:
>For me Orca starts up but fully ignores my running speech-dispatcher which I
>configured to use Alsa. As soon as I open the configuration screen, change to
>the speech settings and press 2-3 times tab, I get "screen not in text mode" on
>my braille display.
>First I thought Orca might have crashed, but after tabbing three more times I
>got indeed back the expected controls like the "ok" button. This looks very
Maybe you can reproduce the following (if you have a braille display around):
- press alt+f2
- press arrow down - does "screen not in text mode" show up?
- press arrow up - do you get garbled signs on the right side of the display?

If its reproducible I think there might be something wrong with brlapi.

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