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Re: Knoppix

Hello Tony,

Tony Baechler <tony@baechler.net> schrieb:
> On 1/28/2013 7:27 AM, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> > Have you tried the ADRIANE version of Knoppix, a Debian derivative,
> > which starts with speech immediately?
> Yes, I have.  The CD I burned is in front of me as I write and I plan
> to 
> give it to a new Linux user.  I'm impressed that it comes up talking. 
> That's why I abandoned grml also.  It became too difficult to get
> speech 
> reliably.  However, I have two major problems.  First, I can't adjust
> my 
> volume.  I tried looking at the minimal documentation and I can't
> figure out 
> how.

In the Adriane main menu, go down to "settings" and hit return, there is a menu item for setting the volume for various outputs. Exiting the volume item will automatically save the setting permanently on the Usb flash disk you installed Adriane-Knoppix on.

> Second, I can't get to a shell, so I can't try amixer or aumix. 

Just go down the main menu with the arrow key, until it says "Shell", and hit Return to get a Shell.

Btw, you have 10 text consoles running the Adriane menu, and you can switch between them by Alt-F1...Alt-F10, if you need to run more sessions in parallel.

> Since 
> it uses SBL and not Speakup, the commands don't work the way I would
> expect. 

The Help menu explains most of the TTS and braille commands, for others you can find all the settings of SBL in /etc/sbl (or send me a personal mail if you can't figure out).

> It appears that I am put into a menu from which I can't exit, but I
> can 
> hardly hear it, so I don't really know what's going on.

The menu is made for absolute beginners, that's why it says "enter for help, arrow down for next menu" in the first item. The volume is set to 75 percent at the beginning, I wonder why this seens too low on your computer?

> For someone
> with no 
> Linux experience, it's a good choice because of the friendly menu
> system, 
> but for an experienced user who wants a live or rescue CD, the menu
> gets in 
> the way.  Since I couldn't get to a shell, I couldn't shut down the
> machine.

Well, I think you missed something. ;-)

Anyways, Control-Alt-Delete will present a Shutdown menu.


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