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Wheezy images and speech


I want to take a look at a system that currently doesn't have Linux on it. I went and grabbed the latest GRML, only to discover that speech output is no longer supported because there's no-one to maintain it. If anyone wants to, please get in touch with the GRML maintainers, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Given then that GRML is no longer an option, at least for now, and with the Wheezy release fast approaching, I took a look at the various boot images. But I'm a bit confused.

The release notes say that we can just hit "s" and enter when booting the installation media, but it doesn't say if this is supported on all image types (e.g. netinst or something bigger), and it also doesn't say whether this will place you into a GUI or text environment during and after installation.

I also read about Debian Live and its rescue mode, and thought perhaps it might be a good substitute for GRML if it has speech support. But I was unable to discover if it does.

I'm sure this is probably all written up somewhere, but a search of the Debian website was unable to turn it up. Or rather, I got sick of looking through all the results for the Wheezy release notes in every architecture before getting to something meaningful.

I figured people here would know what the deal is, and I figured now would be a good time to ask.


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