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Re: 1st feedback for Orca

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

>> I have wasted too much energy during the at-spi2 move, I personally
>> give up.  I need my computer to get work done, and that is not
>> possible with GNOME 3 anymore.
> I agree. If things go on like that, I think Debian will fallback less
> accessible. And I'm very worry. Don't you think we should do
> something? I think you are famous in Debian so your warning about it
> for other teams could have an effect. I see 2 possible evolutions:
> trying re-integrate gnome2, at least on the basis of user's choice;

No, going backwards is no option and not realistic.

> find an alternate to gnome, such as xfce, lxde. What do you think of
> this?

Again, I have officially decided to no longer hope for a usable graphical
desktop on Linux, my energy is drained.  Please dont expect
anything in this direction in the foreseeable future from me anymore.
I have removed myself from at-spi2-* uploaders list and will not do any
testing or work on GNOME anymore, its just too frustrating for me
personally right now.  I have given up, please respect that.


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