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Re: RFS: eviacam


Thanks for your comments.

I tried the dpkg-override way (I took mlocate package as reference)
but I didn't find a proper way to reset ownership/permissions when the
user chooses not SUID without resorting to chown/chmod commands. Thus
I left the chown/chmod commands.

Running chown/chmod in a maintainer script on a file that is shipped by
the binary package is (almost?) never the right thing to do. Please do
use dpkg-statoverride.

OK, but how do I manage to reset ownership/permissions when the user chooses not SUID without using chown/chmod when e.g. running dpkg-reconfigure? That is to say, I cannot run:

dpkg-statoverride --update --remove /usr/bin/eviacamloader

May be using dh_fixperms?

I also took a look at the suid helper, and to be honest it doesn't look
- Exit codes of setuid and setgid are ignored. (Yes, then _can_ fail.)


- setuid and setgid are called in the wrong order. You should always
call setgid first.


- Unless I'm missing something, calls to seteuid and setegid are redundant.

Right. In fact both seteuid and setegid are not needed at all so I removed them.

I would strongly advise you against including the helper in your package.

I am not terribly happy with such helper but is the only way I found to run the program in higher priority (note that as a mouse replacement responsiveness is important). Is there any alternative to raise the priority of the process without resorting to a SUID binary?

Thanks again for your useful comments.



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