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Re: RFS: eviacam

Hi Kilian,

or so and move the SUID bit setting including creating a
group to postinst so that you limit the impact to an acceptable minimum.
Having an open root access for everybody on a system is quite a bit
too generous IMHO.

I don't like also having a SUID binary but it is the only way I
found to raise the priority of the process. I've moved the "chmod"
to the postinst script but I couldn't create a group to setuid to
because the nice system call (see nice(2)) needs superuser

I seem to have not expressed my idea correctly:
- Have your binary chmod 4750
- with uid 0 (thus the setUID) and
- group "whateveryournewgroupname"

In debian/postinst that would look like:
chmod 4750 $BINARY
chown 0:$GID $BINARY

where $GID is the group id of the group you create in postinst.

That will make sure it gets the UID 0 correctly so that nice(2) will work ok
and also will make sure that only users of the group are allowed to execute

Does that make sense for you?

Got it! Before creating a new group, is there any previously existing group that would be suitable for such a job (i.e. that a common desktop user would be part of)?

I think that if we need to create a new group may be some non-expert users won't be able to run eviacam properly (i.e. they might fail to add their username to such group). Other options include:

i) ask the user whether to make eviacamloader SUID and explain that a new group is needed and such and such. ii) completely get rid of the SUID thing at the expense of less responsiveness.

What do you think? Thanks.



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